The Neighbourhood

Enjoy the unique blend of restaurants, bars and cultural attractions of old town Trogir. Whether you are a family type of person or party type of person, for sure you will find a lot of content to keep you busy for days!


  • Trogir City Museum
  • Kamerlengo Castle
  • Cathedral of St. Lawrence
  • Cipiko Palace
  • The Clock Tower

Food & Drink

  • Tri Volta
  • Mirkec
  • Leonardo
  • Wild West


  • Beach Copacabana
  • Beach Kava Okrug
  • Beach Medena
  • Beach Saldun
  • In front of the Beach House 🙂

Stores & shopping

  • Grocery store Tommy
  • Superstore Lidl
  • Shoping Center Marisa
  • Shopping Mall Spot

Dining & Nightlife

Trogir has added a thriving bar and restaurant scene to its many attractions, such as Caffe Bar Galion, Caffe bar Smokvica and Caffe Bar Čokolada for drinks and Tri Volta, Mirkec, Leonardo and Wild West for great meals whether you like fish, meat or pizza menu.

And for desserts you have to visit sweets and dessert shop Đovani. They have one of the best ice-cream/gelato in town.

Apartment Neighbourhood

If you want to be close to old town Trogir so you can get there in just 5-minute walk, go sightseeing or going to restaurants few minutes from your apartment, no parking in town center, no worries on how to get back to the apartment if you had a glass of wine too much – then the Town House is for you!

If you want peace and quiet, no traffic noise, beach right out of your door – then the Beach House is the one for you. 

Great place for sightseeing, taking a walk on the promenade. Choose one of many great restaurants and mainly enjoy yourself!

Closest beach is about 5 minutes walking from the apartment. If you want bigger and more popular beach, it is about 5 minutes away – Closest beach of Beach house spot.

Since the closest beach is right in front of the house, the best known and most popular beach in Trogir is certainly the beach in Okrug Gornji. Only 5 minutes by car from Town House or 5-minute walk from Beach House on the south side of Čiovo Island stretches over 2 km long beautiful pebble beach known as “Okrug Copacabana”.

The closest grocery store is just a 5-minute walk from the apartments. There you can buy most of the things you need. If you need a bigger supermarket, it is about 5 minutes by car.


The closest grocery store is a 10-minute walk from the apartments. There you can buy most of the things you need. If you need a bigger supermarket, it is about 5 minutes by car.


Town House

Beach House

Old town Trogir

Closest beach
(Town house)

Closest Beach
(Beach house)

Closest market
(Town House)

Closest market
(Beach house)


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Welcome to our home! We’re delighted that you are thinking of staying with us while you visit Trogir. This area is very special to us, your hosts, as we first met in a wine bar few streets away. This house is the first home we’ve lived in together, and now we’re glad to share it with you!

At 2022 Mia and Mario took over family business of vacation rental hosting. Since we love to travel, we used a lot of our travelling experience to make changes to our apartments to make it much better vacation experience for you!

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